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Customizable HSM Solutions

Get the highest level of protection for your keys on your own terms and at your convenience

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Customizable HSM Solutions

Experience the Benefits of our HSMaaS

Get the ease, efficiency, and security with our customizable and high-assurance HSM as a Service

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Meet all security and compliance requirements, including eIDAS regulation, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more.

Optimized Resources

Our HSMaaS is made to work with you and your ecosystem by providing you with automation and reducing your administrative overhead.

Lower Cost

Get the highest level of security for your keys with no upfront cost or any additional investment in physical and software solutions.

Scalability & Flexibility

Our HSMaaS grows with your organization to meet your expanding demands and provide you with the maximum flexibility to scale with no limits.


We offer multiple deployment options and performance-based pricing that aligns with your specific requirements

Complete Control of Cryptographic Keys

We ensure that you maintain complete control of your keys and audit trails at all times

Transparent Encryption

Protect your data at rest without having to change applications, infrastructure, or user workflows with our HSMaaS. We encrypt the data that you store on disk to ensure that it remains secure from unauthorized access, even in the case of a store media compromise.

Transparent Encryption
  • Encrypt all your data at rest, making it unreadable to unauthorized users even if physical security is compromised.
  • Implement privileged user access controls that considerably reduce the risks of insider threats by preventing unauthorized access to your most sensitive data.
  • Get detailed auditing and monitoring of data access activities throughout your organization that helps with rapid detection of unauthorized access attempts.
  • Get complete data protection for multiple operating systems like Windows, AIX, Linus, and environments including physical, virtual, cloud, and more.
  • We provide integration with SIEM systems that gives you more security intelligence and helps you with compliance reporting and better threat detection and response.
Database Encryption

Database Encryption

We offer the highest level of security for storing your sensitive data across multiple databases to prevent any incidents of unauthorized access or data breaches.

  • Get the functionality to encrypt sensitive fields within your database containing sensitive information like PII, financial information, and more.
  • We provide centralized key management of all your encryption keys that ensure that all of them are stored and accessed securely.
  • Get seamless encryption without any requirement of changes to existing database applications to prevent any downtime or any additional cost for modifying and testing existing applications.
  • Experience compatibility with all major databases, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and Teradata, to maintain operational consistency across a diverse database environment.
  • Take a granular-level approach to encryption by encrypting only the sensitive data rather than all the data in your enterprise, which in turn will optimize performance and storage.
  • With a robust RBAC system, ensure that only authorized users can access and decrypt your most sensitive data.
  • Automated key rotation takes care of the regular updates of the encryption keys without causing any disruption to the database operations.

Enterprise Key Management

Easily manage all your encryption keys across your infrastructure and protect your sensitive data by ensuring you have complete control over the generation, storage, and distribution of encryption keys.

Enterprise Key Management
  • Streamline your Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) process that ensures secure management of keys with our easy integration with multiple cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Office 365, Google Cloud Platform, and more.
  • HSMaaS integrates with popular database solutions like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft Always Encrypted, helping to maintain complete control over your keys and ensuring compliance with data sovereignty and security in your entire database.
  • We provide a centralized management hub for KMIP clients that includes full disk encryption (FDE), big data encryption, IBM DB2, tape archives, VMware vSphere, and vSAN encryption that helps to manage administrative tasks, increase security, and ensure consistent encryption practices across diverse systems and platforms.


We offer both Vaulted and Vaultless Offerings that meet the unique requirements of your organization and help you to stay compliant and maintain operational efficiency.

  • Simplify your process of securing sensitive data by replacing your data with tokens and streamline data handling procedures with HSMaaS dynamic data masking capabilities that are based on predefined policies that reduce the need for manual intervention.
  • Our Vaultless Offering includes policy-based dynamic data masking, helping you to protect your sensitive data on the fly and facilitate rapid deployment and scalability of tokenization across distributed systems and cloud environments.
  • We offer RESTful APIs for easy integration with your existing applications and systems that considerably reduce your development efforts.
  • Simplify the adoption of tokenization with our developer-friendly interfaces and documentation.
  • In our Vaulted Offering, we provide additional environment-specific APIs for integrating tokenization functionalizing into your specific environments and use cases.
  • Experience enhanced customization options that meet your unique requirements of complex infrastructure setups.

Use Cases

  • HSMaaS lets you completely offload all your cryptographic operations, including SSL/TLS handshakes and data encryption/decryption, onto the HSM, leading to better performance by the F5 BIG-IP systems with the freeing up of resources on application servers and thereby reducing latency.
  • In our HSMaaS, you can configure multiple HSMs as a high availability group that helps to maintain continuous operations and increases the reliability of cryptographic functions even in cases when one HSM in the cluster fails.
  • We offer a detailed audit trail of your key operations that enhances transparency in your organization. With this thorough tracking and reviewing of cryptographic operations, you can meet the essential compliance and regulations.
  • Easy integration without any requirement for additional configuration steps with all other F5 modules like Access Policy Manager and Application Security Manager, reducing any additional time for deployment and management with HSMs.
  • When the BIG IP system is operating in appliance mode, our HSMaaS puts the restriction where root privileges are required to install and uninstall the HSM, ensuring only the authorized personnel of your organizations can make significant changes to HSM configurations.
  • Our integration with CyberArk Vault makes sure that all privileged credentials are signed and encrypted with keys that are securely stored in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs.
  • Complete automation of the management of your keys greatly reduces the administrative overhead and ensures that the keys used to protect privileged accounts are always secure.
  • Get a verifiable record of all your key operations. This extensive adult trail not only helps with compliance with security policies and regulations but also helps to investigate suspicious activities.
  • Faster and more efficient operations lead to better response time and improved user experience.
  • HSMaaS ensures that HSM performs all your cryptographic operations internally to protect the keys, including the signature generation, where the HSM generates the digital signature using the private key, and the signature is then attached to the code, proving its authenticity and integrity.
  • Complete management of the entire lifecycle of your keys, including key rotation, backup, and destruction.
  • All audit trails of your key operations are stored securely in the HSM, which only your organization has access to.
  • We continuously manage and monitor the integrity and reliability of your keys, making sure they function correctly when needed.
  • HSMaaS provides root key protection that helps to maintain the integrity and trust of your PKI, preventing exposure to the software layer or unauthorized users.
  • Scale your cryptographic resources on demand without having to worry about the physical hardware constraints.
  • Robust disaster recovery that helps to keep your PKI operational during and after a disaster that minimizes downtime and data loss.
  • Secure storage and management of cryptographic keys help to reinforce the trustworthiness of your issued certificates.

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