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Secure Code-Signing

Discover secure code-signing across all environments and experience fast and efficient performance for all your software code-signing cryptographic needs.

Secure Code-Signing

Experience The Benefits of CodeSign Secure

Experience unmatched security with our code-signing solution that takes care of all your code-signing cryptographic needs.

Compliance Assurance

Meet all industry standards, regulations, and compliance requirements with just one solution.

Robust Development Workflows

Get secure and seamless integration with all your existing pipelines and workflows.

Maintaining Integrity of Code

Protect your code from any alterations or corruption with our advanced security measures.

Multi-Platform Support

We offer smooth signing capabilities on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Ubuntu.


Ensure your signatures remain valid, secure, and trusted even after certificates expire or are revoked with timestamps.

Policy Enforcement

Customize application-wide policies and automate key usage permissions, streamlining code-signing lifecycle management.

Policy Enforcement
  • Policy customization enables administrators to define custom policies for their organizations that govern who can sign code, under what circumstances, and with which keys.
  • Strict Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) methods to manage user permissions and access rights. Get different levels of access based on the role to ensure only authorized individuals can access the signing keys.
  • Automated key usage permissions to automatically grant temporary access to keys for specific build processes or integration with CI/CD pipelines for seamless signing.
  • Enhance security with the M of N Quorum approval system by setting multiple approvals for code-signing. This reduces the risk of a single point of failure and allows for the flexibility to offer customizable approval policies that support the configuration of M of N parameters.
Integration with CI/CD Pipeline

Integration with CI/CD Pipeline

Easy integration into build pipelines and workflows, compatible with popular platforms like Jenkins, Okta, GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, GitLab, and CircleCI.

  • Automated verification feature support process via industry-preferred CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins, GitLab, Azure DevOps, and more.
  • Rapid deployment cycles, guaranteeing efficiency and security for all your code-signing needs.
  • Automation to ensure that all the releases are signed consistently and securely without manual intervention, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Flagging of malware or corrupted code before it reaches the production or release level, disrupting the software supply flow.

Event Logs and Tracking

Customize application-wide policies customizable workflows with detailed audit trails, “M of N” quorum, and multi-tier support for secure and transparent code signing.

Event Logs and Tracking
  • Audit trails to maintain compliance, security monitoring, and detailed incident investigation in case of a security incident.
  • Enhanced transparency to track the software's integrity throughout its lifecycle.
  • A logging system to track changes on the server side to provide valuable insights for troubleshooting, bug resolution, or security analysis.
  • Detailed reports and logs demonstrate compliance with internal policies and external regulations.
Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization

Seamless integration with identity providers (Azure AD, Okta) for SAML, OAuth, or basic authentication. Direct integration with code-signing tools, eliminating the need for scripts.

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for an added security layer that extends beyond passwords to allow for secure code-signing operations.
  • A detailed and extensive Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system with customizable workflows prevents unauthorized access and ensures the integrity of certificates.
  • Ensure only authorized personnel can sign codes or access sensitive security keys to prevent insider threats and external breaches.
  • P12 SSL Certificate Authentication on the Client-Side to verify the identity of the signer before allowing access to the code-signing functionality to prevent unauthorized use and enable enhanced tracking of user activity.

Automation & Self Service

Automated signing for fast code signing to reduce dependency and increase efficiency throughout the software distribution cycle. Get support in drafting code-signing policies customized for your organization.

Automation & Self Service
  • Complete automation of approval workflows for code-signing requests, ensuring that each piece of code or software is signed according to predefined policies and procedures.
  • Customizable workflows based on the required policies and team structures.
  • Greater flexibility to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce the time and effort required for manual approvals.
  • Compliance requirements to dictate the ability of authorized users to sign artifacts outlined in the policy.

Use Cases

  • Digitally signing Windows executables and drivers with our platform enhances security by ensuring that only trusted code runs on Windows systems, reducing the risk of malware infections and system compromise.
  • Signed software instills confidence in users, as they can easily verify the authenticity and integrity of Windows applications and drivers before installation, fostering trust in the software ecosystem.
  • Our platform ensures compatibility with Microsoft’s code-signing infrastructure, ensuring seamless integration into Windows environments without disrupting existing workflows or processes.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements such as those outlined by Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Certification Program is simplified with our platform, enabling compliance with industry standards and certification criteria.
  • Our platform provides immutable signatures for Docker and container images, ensuring that the integrity of containerized applications remains intact throughout their lifecycle, reducing the risk of unauthorized modifications or compromise.
  • Incorporating digital signatures into container images facilitates compliance with industry regulations and security standards, such as those outlined by HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS, enhancing auditability and regulatory adherence.
  • Signed container images offer assurance that they originate from trusted sources, facilitating secure deployments in production environments and minimizing the risk of deploying compromised or malicious containers.
  • Implementing continuous verification mechanisms ensures that container images remain trustworthy even after deployment, enabling proactive detection and mitigation of any unauthorized changes or vulnerabilities.
  • Our platform supports the use of hardware security modules (HSMs) for safeguarding firmware signing keys, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access or compromise.
  • Signed firmware images ensure the integrity of the boot process, mitigating the risk of bootloader attacks and ensuring that only trusted firmware is loaded during system startup, enhancing system security and reliability.
  • By signing firmware updates with our platform, device manufacturers can demonstrate the trustworthiness of their products to end-users, building confidence in the reliability and security of the devices.
  • Implementing firmware code-signing with our platform helps secure the supply chain by verifying the authenticity and integrity of firmware updates throughout the manufacturing and distribution process, reducing the risk of supply chain attacks.
  • Digital signatures applied to OVA/OVF files guarantee the integrity of virtual appliances, ensuring that they have not been tampered with or compromised since their creation, enhancing the security and reliability of virtualized environments.
  • Our platform supports cross-platform signing for OVA/OVF files, ensuring compatibility with various virtualization platforms and simplifying the deployment of virtual appliances in heterogeneous environments.
  • Signed OVA/OVF files facilitate compliance with industry regulations and security standards, such as those governing data privacy and integrity, enabling organizations to meet regulatory requirements with confidence.
  • Implementing transparent verification mechanisms enables users to easily verify the authenticity of signed OVA/OVF files, fostering trust in virtualized deployments and minimizing the risk of deploying compromised virtual appliances.
  • Digital signatures applied to Linux RPM packages ensure the integrity and authenticity of software installations, reducing the risk of unauthorized modifications or tampering and enhancing trust in the software supply chain.
  • Signed RPM packages streamline the software deployment process on Linux systems, as they are readily accepted and verified by package managers, reducing deployment errors and enhancing system stability.
  • Utilizing our platform for Linux RPM signing demonstrates a commitment to security and reliability, fostering trust among users, administrators, and the open-source community, and enhancing the reputation of software projects.
  • Our platform facilitates compliance with industry regulations and best practices for software distribution on Linux systems, ensuring that organizations can meet security and regulatory requirements with ease.
  • Apps signed with our platform are eligible for distribution through the Apple App Store, reaching a wider audience of macOS, iOS, and watchOS users and providing developers with access to Apple’s ecosystem of users and services.
  • Apple’s code-signing process helps protect users from malware by verifying the source and integrity of apps before installation, enhancing device security and user trust, and reducing the risk of malicious software infections.
  • Signed Apple software provides a seamless user experience, as users can install and run apps without encountering security warnings or prompts, leading to higher user satisfaction and engagement with the platform.
  • Utilizing our platform for Apple signing enhances the reputation of developers and software vendors by demonstrating a commitment to security and quality, fostering trust among users and encouraging adoption of their apps.

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