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Effortless PKI Management

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing PKI with our PKIasS

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Effortless PKI Management

Experience The Benefits of PKIaaS

Enjoy the benefits of a customizable PKI built your way to meet your unique needs and handled by our professionals

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Boost your efficiency and free your IT resources by offloading PKI management responsibilities to our experts with years of experience.

Lower Costs

Increased cost efficiency with no requirements for CA software installations, servers, HSMs, and other components, reducing the overall operational costs.

Easy Scalability

Our solution scales with you to meet all the modern use cases, ensuring availability and scalability with deployment in single-tenant architecture.

Enhanced Security

Maintain the highest level of security for your Root CA and protect your keys with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant HSMs.

Rapid Deployment

Our ready-to-deploy solution requires no procurement and installation of hardware and software with a seamless deployment of your PKI on our cloud environment

Automated Management

Simplify PKI management with automated certificate request and provisioning via auto-enrollment protocols or using Rest APIs

Key Functionalities

PKI as a Service (PKIaaS) provides a comprehensive suite of functionalities to manage digital certificates and public-private key pairs, enhancing security across various applications and systems. When deployed with the Certificate Enrollment Gateway, the solution involves a collaborative effort between our PKIaaS and the customer, ensuring robust and scalable PKI operations. Here's an overview of the key functionalities:

Certificate Authority (CA) Management

We deploy and maintains the CA infrastructure, ensuring high availability, security, and compliance with industry standards.

Includes issuing, renewing, revoking, and managing digital certificates for various use cases (e.g., SSL/TLS, email security, user authentication).

Certificate Authority (CA) Management
Certificate Enrollment

Certificate Enrollment

Supports various enrollment protocols such as SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol), EST (Enrollment over Secure Transport), and ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment) for automated certificate issuance and renewal.

Policy and Compliance Management

Defining and enforcing certificate policies and practices, such as certificate profiles, validity periods, and key usage constraints.

Ensuring adherence to organizational and regulatory requirements (e.g., GDPR, eIDAS, FIPS 140-2).

Policy and Compliance Management
Integration and Automation

Integration and Automation

Provides RESTful APIs for integrating PKI services with other applications and systems, facilitating seamless certificate management and deployment.

Tools and scripts for automating certificate issuance and management processes, including integration with CI/CD pipelines for continuous deployment environments.

Certificate Lifecycle Management

It encompasses all stages of a digital certificate’s life, from issuance to expiration or revocation. This includes automated issuance through protocols like SCEP, EST, and ACME, ensuring timely renewals to prevent service disruptions, and managing revocations through Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) and Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) responders.

Certificate Lifecycle Management

Use Cases

  • Our PKIaaS provides you with high-assurance certificate-based credentials for Intune deployments that boost security for managing your devices and applications.
  • We provide rapid and turnkey deployments to help with the management of certificate security for Intune devices.
  • Easily manage your cryptographic policies and algorithms with our PKIaaS to meet all regulatory and compliance-based requirements.
  • Seamlessly manage all your certificates and keys spread throughout your organization with the self-service capabilities of our easy-to-use web interface.
  • Experience enhanced disaster recovery measures with automatic revocation for Intune that quickly invalidates certificates in case of security breaches.
  • We use industry-standard protocols like SCEP that provide you with device interoperability.
  • Our PKIaaS integrates with authentication mechanisms used by UEM/MDM platforms. We facilitate the automated issuance and management of digital certificates these platforms require for endpoint authentication within the UEM/MDM console.
  • We ensure that all the certificates are provisioned with all the required security configurations to give you fine-grained control over certificate parameters like certificate usage, validity period, and more.
  • Experience over-the-air certificate enrollment to endpoint devices managed by UEM/MD< systems that help to securely deploy certificates to a large number of devices without requiring any manual intervention.
  • Real-time synchronization of PKIaaS with systems that ensure all certificates are automatically issued, renewed, and revoked in case of any change in endpoint device status or configuration.
  • Granular access control and role-based permissions to guarantee that only authorized personnel can access the sensitive certificate management functionalities.
  • Our PKIaaS integrates with endpoint device health assessment that regularly performs pre-issuance checks before provisioning any certificate and also verifies factors like endpoint device integrity and the use of security patches.
  • Complete automation throughout the organization to automate the management of enrolling users and devices for digital certificates to ensure all security measures are in place.
  • We support multiple enrollment protocols, including Microsoft Active Directory, Intune MDM auto-enrollment, ACMEv2, and SCEP.
  • With a complete automated certificate deployment, we enforce all the required certificate policies and reduce the risk of outages and errors in security measures.
  • Our ready to deploy solution where your PKI is hosted on our environment on Azure cloud provides easy integration with our certificate management solution, CertSecure Manager, which provides enhanced compatibility and interoperability.
  • We provide a secure environment for your root CA infrastructure that complies with ISO 27001 standards and protects your organization's sensitive cryptographic assets.
  • Retain full control over your private keys to have complete control over your digital certificates and cryptographic operations.
  • We meet all the required industry standards and best practices by defining and enforcing certificate policies and practices and following compliance requirements like ISO 27001.
  • All your private keys associated with the root CA are stored in FIPs 140-2 Level-3 certified HSMs to prevent all kinds of unauthorized access or tampering.
  • We support CRL and OCSP validation services to verify the validity and status of digital certificates issued by the Root CA to maintain trust and security across your entire PKI ecosystem.
  • We provide scalable, centralized, and decentralized automated deployment models to meet the diverse requirements of organizations.
  • Get a complete automated backup and restoration with full key history and escrow to maintain continuity and secure storage of cryptographic keys.
  • Ensure secure deployment to desktop and personal devices with protected large file transfer by utilizing S/MIME technology for encrypting large files for better data protection.
  • We support non-repudiation by separating your signing and encryption functionalities in S/MIME certificates and also provide signing and encryption capabilities.
  • We provide compatibility with multiple operating systems and devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

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