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Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Take complete control of your certificate management process with scalability and flexibility using CertSecure Manager.

Certificate Lifecycle Automation

Experience The Benefits of CertSecure Manager

Effortlessly manage and secure your digital certificates with complete end-to-end automation to prevent certificate-related outages.

Automated Certificate Renewal

Automate the certificate renewal process for servers (such as IIS, Apache, Tomcat), load balancers (such as f5), and applications (including internal applications) to avoid certificate expiry and prevent certificate-related outages.

Enhanced Manageability

Establish logical security barriers using Departmental Compartmentalization to enforce ownership of certificates and follow the principle of least privilege (PoLP) when managing digital certificates.

Easy Integration

Enable easy integration with ServiceNow, Slack, and Teams (using Webhook) to streamline your incident response process completely. Reports can also be scheduled, and incidents can be raised in an automated format.

Achieve Crypto-Agility

Easily adapt to new cryptographic standards through configurable FIPS-compliant algorithms (such as RSA, ECDSA), key size restrictions (example: RSA 2048), and policy enforcement to guarantee security that meets future requirements. Organizations can opt for CertSecure to run on FIPS compliant mode which would restrict any deprecated algorithms and key sizes to be used.


Seamlessly integrate internal applications using Rest APIs, ACME, and EST protocols (including EST-coaps for IoT Devices) for automatic operations while managing workflows alongside certificates.

Single Pane of Glass

Experience centralized insights by bringing data from multiple CAs (including Private and Public trusts, such as Microsoft PKI, DigiCert, and Hashicorp CA) together using certificate connectors to gather and process infrastructure and compliance status thoroughly. The data from the CA are routinely refreshed for up-to-date data on issued certificates.

Automate Agents

Automate your servers with load balancers and internal application certificate issuance process using CertSecure Manager.

Automate Agents
  • Renewal Agents are easy to deploy on servers (Apache, Tomcat, ISS, and more), load balancers (f5), and other internal applications while being OS-independent.
  • Renewal Agents continuously monitor certificates, server, and load balancer statuses, allowing users to automate the whole application. If a certificate nears expiration or is revoked from the CA, the renewal agent automatically requests a certificate and bypasses any workflow processes.
  • CertSecure allows users to view logs, run SSH commands on a secure shell, and monitor the server’s health directly on a single screen.
  • Enable protocols like REST APIs, SCEP, ACME, EST, and EST-soaps for IoT Devices, ensuring external applications that need certificates can be automated.
Policy Enforcement

Policy Enforcement

CertSecure Manager enables admins and PKI Admins to implement enrollment policies throughout the organization and different departments.

  • The governance module can limit an organization’s ability to run in FIPS mode. This restricts users to certain encryption algorithms and key lengths, which can only be FIPS compliant. For example, RSA 2048 will be allowed, while DES, DESX, RC2, and Skipjack will not. Organizations can limit which encryption algorithms can be used and their respective minimum key lengths.
  • Governance policy can also define workflow mechanisms where M number of approvals are required out of N approvers to approve a certain request. This will provide additional levels of approvals for critical CAs such as DigiCert.
  • CertSecure can also implement an organization's password policy into password complexity, ensuring that only allowed passwords are used. This can force users to use passwords with certain restrictions, such as the number of characters, special characters, and words used.
  • DNS whitelisting can also be used to ensure only whitelisted authorized domains can be added to the SAN attributes. If any CSR violates the policy, the request is flagged for review.

Streamlined Enrollment Process

Optimize efficiency and safety during the certification enrolment process with the CertSecure Manager.

Streamlined Enrollment Process
  • Using the workflow policy, CAs are divided into restricted and unrestricted categories.
  • Restricted CAs can only be accessed by users with defined permissions.
  • Each CAs have different templates, which can be further restricted using M of N policy where M number of approvers are required to approve a request.
  • Any request made to unrestricted CAs and unrestricted templates is approved automatically, and the certificate is issued directly from the CA.
  • CertSecure creates standardized workflows.
  • Provide a web console and Rest API access with a swagger page to enable DevOps teams to integrate CertSecure with their scripts to obtain certificates and streamline the process.
  • Certificates can also be issued by opening tickets on ServiceNow, which CertSecure can capture, issue certificates, and update the tickets accordingly.
  • Enable SCEP, ACME, and EST protocols for a varied enrollment process.
Enhanced Inventory Visibility

Enhanced Inventory Visibility

Continuously monitor your certificate count and usage with a simplified and comprehensive inventory.

  • Track your certificate expiry and ensure all the required certificates are renewed in a timely manner with real-time monitoring.
  • Generate reports to keep an audit trail of the complete certificate management process within the company, which can be leveraged for compliance assessments, proactive management, etc.
  • Gain role and department-based insights into inventory to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Detect inventory discrepancies to mitigate and manage by zero touch or one-step renewal workflows.

Use Cases

  • Automate the entire CLM solution, from requesting, issuing, and renewing certificates, using ACME, SCEP, and EST protocols support to reduce manual effort
  • Rapidly respond to CA compromises by reissuing certificates from other CAs/templates.
  • Integrate with platforms like F5 automated for certificate deployment and configuration on your BIG-IP appliances.
  • Centralize control over all digital certificates, enabling direct integration with network endpoints and Certificate Authorities (CAs).
  • Continuously monitor all pending expirations and receive one-step or zero-touch workflows to renew them.
  • Receive automated incidents, tickets, and alerts to renew certificates before and upon expiry.
  • Get continuous discovery and management of all digital certificates from both Microsoft and other Public and Private CAs.
  • This provides installation, renewal, and monitoring of every certificate’s status under a single, insightful UI.
  • Provide certificate deployment for non-Windows environments, ensuring platform flexibility and compatibility.
  • Utilize pre-configured code signing templates for issuance with embedded cryptographic profiles (e.g., 2048-bit RSA, SHA-256).
  • As code signing certificates are an integral part of an organization, from devices to software, CertSecure Manager offers a workflow to issue and manage Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing certificates.
  • Use Code Signing certificates to digitally sign applications, drivers, and software programs, thus allowing end users to verify the code authenticity.
  • CertSecure provides complete security to overall internal infrastructure, i.e., devices, servers, and users over the organization’s network.
  • Deploying private certificates offers a simple, secure, and cost-effective form of authentication.
  • This approach simplifies authentication processes, enhances user experience, and reduces administrative burdens.
  • Complete support for managing TLS/SSL certificates within an organization’s DevOps environment.
  • Offers a way to issue and manage both public and private container certificates within an automated framework by using ACME and Restful APIs.
  • With no volume caps or rate limits, CertSecure ensures uninterrupted operation even during renewal of large number of container certificates.
  • Experience a CA-agnostic solution to issue, manage, and discover all S/MIME certificates from a centralized location, just as you would for TLS/SSL certificates.
  • Reduce manual intervention with an automated approach to issue and deploy certificates.
  • CertSecure's email certificates are supported by all the major mailing apps, including Outlook, Apple Mail, Exchange, and many more.

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