CASB Strategy

"Half of the organizations (50%) surveyed don’t have the staffing to fully utilize cloud security solutions and just over one-third (34%) find solution complexities an inhibitor in fully realizing the potential of the vendor solution"

- 2020 Survey Report: Evolution of CASB by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

We’ll evaluate your current CASB solution to determine the highly vulnerable areas. This will allow you to prioritize your efforts and budget to minimise the identified risks. We will provide outline of our recommendations and develop a roadmap to guide future project activities.

Why do you need a CASB Strategy?

When reviewing your approach to cloud data protection, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance in developing your CASB strategy. The objective is to leverage industry leading practices and methodologies to provide you with a comprehensive strategy to maximise effectiveness of the tool and mitigate all shortfalls.

What can we do?

  • Develop a strategy for deploying CASB tool to help align and assist in the progress of the company’s data protection and cloud transformation efforts.
  • Assist in developing and prioritizing a list of sanctioned applications.
  • Perform shadow IT scanning and assess risk rating for each application to provide visibility into applications being used in cloud that lack regulatory compliance.
  • Implement features to meet business and technical requirements.
  • Perform integration with other technologies.

Overview of our CASB Strategy Services

We develop a strategy and roadmap for building a robust governance structure around CASB, to manage cyber risks outside of the traditional enterprise perimeter and address any gaps to achieve desired capability maturity.
We provide a list of recommendations with proposed timelines by taking into consideration the use cases, key platforms, key systems, budget constraints, and business and regulatory drivers.
  • Our evaluation process of the current state of your CASB tools and deployment will include key activities like, workshops with stakeholders, analysis of supporting documentation and materials, and reports on current state observations.
  • Our deliverables for this phase will include observations of initial current state assessment and recommendations.
  • In this phase we will be providing recommendations to remediate risks, deploy CASB solution and generate enhancement opportunities across people, processes, and technology areas.
  • Our deliverables for this phase will include a report on current state summary and future state vision/strategy recommendations.
  • We will prioritize the recommendations on the basis of impact to organisation’s risk profile and level of effort required.
  • Our deliverable for this phase will be initiative plans for cloud data protection and CASB.

Our key activities in this phase include the development of:

  • A prioritized strategic roadmap for implementing CASB tool and processes.
  • Executive summary and assist in socialization to board members & C-suite.

Our deliverables for this phase will be:

Strategy document on CASB.

Comprehensive roadmap and considerations for implementation.

Sessions for knowledge transfer.

Executive summary report.

Case Study

See how we helped a financial institution in implementing a new CASB solution.


"Encryption Consulting conducted CASB Assessment for our organisation and helped us in strengthening cloud security by identifying risks and developing a comprehensive strategy for mitigating them."

- VP, Data Protection, Finance Industry


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