PKI & IoT Trends Survey – 2022


Encryption Consulting PKI & IoT Trends Survey - 2022

A study on global usage trends on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Internet of Things (loT) along with their application possibilities.

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Digital certificates are becoming a necessity in today’s encryption landscape. With the increase in regular usage of cloud applications, Internet of Things (loT) security became the top most concern for the companies with high critical data. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solves such concerns by providing core authentication and security for these technologies International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts by 2025 there will be 4lbn+ loT devices connected to various sector & generating about 80 zettabytes of data.
This report’s primary focus is on the analysis of the findings based on the survey conducted among professionals working in cyber security domain across various organizations around the globe.
The significance of Internal Security Policies increased from 14% in FY21 to 22% in FY22. This might be due to enhanced awareness across security landscape.

What are the major factors impacting the deployment of PKI applications?

Internet of Things, which is the current fast-growing trend, is a major factor chosen by 49% of the respondents.
This is a 2% increase from FY21. A major factor for this trend would be the trust placed on PKI in providing the core authentication for loT devices. This also suggests the increasing adoption of Internet of Things by various sectors across the globe. On the contrary, cloud based services took a bearing in the survey with a decrease in percentage from 47% to 44%. Regulatory environment remained a constant factor compared to last year with 22%.
As observed from the survey, it is clearly evident that IoT is going to be the next big thing in the technology space and out of these, more than 45% will leverage digital certificates for security and data protection.

Key Focus Points:

  • IoT Key management complexity
  • PKI revocation
  • Private key management for CA
  • PKI deployment challenges
  • Analysis on Hardware Security Modules

This survey question focuses on understanding several challenges faced by organizations in deploying PKI

Around 53% of

organizations feel that no upgrade to existing PKI is the major reason for incompatibility with applications. This is followed by the lack of skill- set which increased from 38% in FY21 to 46% in FY22.