DLP Implementation Service

A mature DLP program cannot depend solely on the DLP technology. To achieve the benefits of the DLP tool, it is important to develop a DLP governance program to oversee operations and to integrate within the organization’s broader cyber security strategy.

Our methodology is modular and iterative in nature and can be customized based upon an organization’s current DLP program maturity level and objectives.

Planning and Analysis

In this phase of the engagement, EC will perform the following activities:

  • Identification of stakeholders and information gathering sessions.
  • Review of current process followed across the business units globally.
  • Understand the organization, future model for offering DLP services to the business and scope of coverage for the enterprise.
  • Understand existing technology infrastructure, network architecture, endpoint security tools, web and email gateways, and other third-party products the organization intends to integrate with DLP.
  • Identification of gaps and opportunities.
  • Define future state plan.
DLP Implementation Service
requirements for DLP solution

Design and document a solution based on customers’ requirements. In this phase of the engagement, EC will perform the following activities:

  • Develop use cases and requirements for DLP solution.
  • Perform vendor analysis.
  • Create a technical architecture design.
  • Develop a detailed implementation plan including high-level architectural diagram.
Implementation of the DLP solution

In this phase of the engagement, EC will help with DLP solution deployment including detailed:

  • DLP Installation and Configuration Guide
  • Operations Guide
  • Business continuity planning guides
  • Test plans to prove solutions functionality
  • Policy/Rule testing and tuning
DLP Installation and Configuration Guide

Our DLP Design and implementation engagement approach key activities

Gathering Requirements

Encryption Consulting will initially discuss customer DLP requirements with them. Normally, we conduct a requirement gathering workshop to collect all key stakeholder input.

Document the use cases

Encryption Consulting will then document the use cases, requirements, proposed solution, and post deployment tests, and agree with the customer on the scope of work and price before commencing further work.


The DLP solution will be designed based on the customer’s requirements.


Once the DLP implementation guide is completed, Encryption Consulting will help the customer deploy the solution. Encryption Consulting will either lead the deployment or do a hand holding.


Encryption Consulting will work with the customer team to test the DLP solution to prove that the solution meets objectives and functions as designed.

Testing and Tuning

Finally, Encryption Consulting will help the customer in Policy/Rule testing and tuning.


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