DLP Assessment

"On average, organizations experience 3.5 data loss incidents every working day"

- 2021 Data Loss Prevention Report by Egress

Our DLP Assessment service provides you with a better understanding of your organization’s current data leak risks and help identify opportunities to protect your sensitive data from loss or leakage.

Strategic Objectives

  • Understand customer’s requirements for protecting sensitive data.
  • Review current DLP tools and deployment for each key use case identified in customer’s environment.
  • Build an implementation roadmap to remediate the identified controls gaps, and design use cases and requirements for an enterprise DLP solution.

DLP Assessment approach

  • We meet with the key stakeholders of the organization to understand the high-risk data.
  • We review the current DLP implementation as per industry standards and best practices.
  • Gain an understanding of the current state, including challenges, and use cases.
  • Define a strategy and roadmap to deploy DLP solution across the customer’s environment.

Define Assessment Scope

To define our assessment-scope, we undertake the following key activities:
  • Define the scope of the project and identify the key stakeholders
  • Develop a thorough project plan
  • Identify and collect supporting documentation and materials
  • Develop use cases and requirements for an enterprise DLP solution and design assessment questionnaires

Project Timeline

Our objective is to execute the project in the most efficient manner and timeframe. To achieve this, we structure the project-approach to perform activities in parallel, where it is feasible. Our deliverables will be:

Scope Document


Project Plan


Framework for data loss prevention


Questionnaires for Assessment


DLP Assessment report and use cases


Strategy and implementation roadmap

Case Study

See how we helped a financial institution in implementing a new DLP solution.


"Encryption Consulting conducted a DLP Assessment and developed a strategy for our organization that helped us remediate the risks of data leaks and protect data throughout the data lifecycle.”

- Director, Data Protection, Healthcare company


What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) & DLP Solutions

Data Loss Prevention is a set of tools and processes that are used to detect and prevent unwanted destruction, unauthorized access, and exfiltration of sensitive data.


Global Encryption Trends Study – 2022

Compare your organization’s encryption strategy with the global firm’s trend and understand the data protection strategies across multi-dimensional platform analysis.

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