DLP Strategy Service

An effective DLP strategy looks at what data is considered sensitive, where it is located, how it moves in and out of the organization, and what are the risks of the data being stolen or compromised. The strategy will define the organization’s challenges and roadmap to address these challenges in order to reduce the risk of data leaks and achieve an effective data loss prevention program.

This enables you to prioritize your efforts and budget in order to reduce this risk. We will develop a high level DLP strategy to guide future project activities.

Data Loss Prevention

Why do you need a DLP Strategy?

When you are in the process of reviewing your approach to data loss prevention, it is recommended to avail professional help to develop your DLP strategy. Especially when you have to address the requirements for data at-rest, data-in-motion and data-in-use use cases across the enterprise.

requirements for data-at-rest, data-in-motion and data-in-use
protect sensitive data at rest and in transit

What can we do?

We can develop a strategy for implementing DLP solutions in your organization to protect sensitive data at rest and in transit. We will also develop use cases and requirements for an enterprise DLP solution. We also review the existing technology infrastructure, network architecture, endpoint security tools, web and email gateways, and other third-party products that your organization intends to integrate with DLP.

Main highlights of our DLP strategy services

We develop a strategy and roadmap for building a robust data loss prevention program integrated with your existing cybersecurity program, to address any gaps and achieve desired capability maturity.

We provide a list of recommendations with proposed timelines by taking into consideration the use cases, key platforms, key systems, budget constraints, and business and regulatory drivers.

Evaluate current state/strategy

Our evaluation process of the current state of your DLP tools and deployment will involve key activities like, workshops and stakeholder interviews, analysis of supporting documentation and materials, and reports on current state observations.

Our deliverables of this process will include observations of initial current state assessment and recommendations.

Determine recommendations

This process will involve key activities like, providing recommendations, and generating enhancement opportunities across people, processes, and technology areas.

Our deliverables of this process will be a report on current state summary and future state vision/strategy recommendations.

Developing initiative plans

We develop initiative plans to address the recommendations made. Our key deliverable will be initiative plans for data loss prevention.

Develop strategic roadmap

For developing the roadmap, our key activities include the development of:

  • A prioritized strategic roadmap for implementing data loss prevention tools and processes
  • Executive summary and assist in socialization to board members & executives.

Our key deliverables will be:

  • Strategy document on data loss prevention
  • Comprehensive roadmap and considerations for implementation
  • Sessions for knowledge transfer
  • Executive summary report

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