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A cloud access security broker (CASB) is a software tool that sits between an organization`s on-premises infrastructure and a cloud provider’s infrastructure, acting as a gatekeeper to examine cloud traffic and extend the reach of their security policies.

We assist organisations to maximise their cloud security by identifying risks associated with data exfiltration, storage of compliance related data and access to shadow IT cloud services. Thereafter, we provide recommendations and a well-defined strategy to remediate all risks and help in deployment of CASB solution.

Through our CASB Advisory services, we will work towards reducing any potential threat and addressing all security challenges related to your cloud infrastructure.

We will identify what type of data (PII, PCI, PHI, etc.) is going to, from, and within cloud applications. In addition, help an organisation overcome all data protection and privacy management concerns related to cloud.

cloud provider’s infrastructure
deploy CASB solutions

As a part of our CASB Advisory services we:

  • Identify your business requirements for protecting sensitive information
  • Analyse cloud applications in use, including Shadow IT.
  • Understand and classify sensitive data, detect where it is stored, how it is used, and how it is protected.
  • Identify over-exposed data.
  • Monitor for data access and data exfiltration points.
  • Analyse if data is protected using technologies such as encryption and tokenization
  • Ensure compliance and data privacy.
  • Develop a comprehensive CASB strategy and recommend procedures and technologies to implement.

We help organisations deploy CASB solutions to safeguard data and protect it against threats in the cloud.

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