CASB Implementation

"In 2019, the average enterprise used 1,935 different cloud services with most of them unknown to IT departments"

- 2020 Survey Report: Evolution of CASB by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

We'll understand your business drivers and use cases applicable to your cloud services environment and assist you in deployment of a CASB solution.

The EC team will assist in the implementation of a CASB solution which will be capable of discovering and assessing the risk of cloud apps, detecting malicious activity in cloud accounts, and classifying and controlling the data in them—regardless of where the user or device resides.

Planning & Analysis:

In this phase of the engagement, EC will perform the following activities:

  • Identify stakeholders and conduct information gathering sessions.
  • Review of current process followed across the business units globally.
  • Confirm objectives and understand business strategy through project scoping and kick-off
  • Prepare project artifacts
  • Discuss high priority challenges, desired areas to extend existing security capabilities, and gaps to be filled by CASB technologies


In this phase of the engagement, EC will design and document CASB solution on the basis of customers’ requirements and will perform the following activities:

  • Develop CASB business use cases and document requirements
  • Prepare summary of leading CASB vendors and their ability to meet client requirements
  • Compare vendor solution capabilities.
  • Socialize scorecard findings and document summary for vendor selection
  • Develop a detailed implementation plan including high-level architectural diagram

Implementation of CASB solution

In this phase of the engagement, EC will help with CASB solution deployment and will perform the following activities:

  • Provide CASB Installation and Configuration Guide to the customer.
  • Prepare an Operations Guide for deployed CASB solution.
  • Document business continuity planning guides.
  • Provision, configure and deploy selected CASB solution in customer’s production environment
  • Test plans to prove CASB solution’s functionality.
  • Perform Policy/Rule testing and tuning

Our CASB Design and Implementation approach

Step 1
Identify Requirements:
Encryption Consulting will conduct working sessions with key stakeholders to understand CASB requirements.
Step 2
Document Use cases
Encryption Consulting will then determine the initial and long-term use cases, business and technical requirements, architecture capabilities, and agree with customer on the scope of work and price before going further.
Step 3
Encryption Consulting will perform vendor analysis and provide recommendations for the same. It will design the CASB solution as per customer’s cloud data protection requirements.
Step 4
Encryption Consulting will assist the customer in implementing CASB solution in their environment by either leading or hand holding the deployment process.
Step 5
Encryption Consulting will implement CASB solution as Proof of Concept (POC) in customer’s cloud environment and test its functional alignment with desired use cases.
Step 6
Testing & Tuning
Finally, Encryption Consulting will help the customer in Policy/Rule testing and tuning.

Case Study

See how we helped a financial institution in implementing a new CASB solution.


"Encryption Consulting conducted CASB Assessment for our organisation and helped us in strengthening cloud security by identifying risks and developing a comprehensive strategy for mitigating them."

- VP, Data Protection, Finance Industry


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